Everyone without a mental illness needs to read this. And my guess is, everyone who has a mental illness wants the people they know who don’t have one to know this. This is long, but this is also very, very, very important. Please feel free to share this.

I suffer from a mental illness. I have bipolar disorder. Because of this, I do have extreme moods from time to time. I have a shorter fuse. I can be more emotional.

But something that neurotypical people (people who do not suffer from brain related disorders) a lot of the time don’t realize is that we are still allowed to have emotions.

People with mental illness can feel incredibly isolated when they’re surrounded by people who don’t understand. They can find themselves afraid to show emotion out of fear that people will think they’re overreacting.

And let’s face it. When we do show negative emotions (or, in my case, even very positive ones), they are quickly called into question. “Have you taken your meds?” “Are you sure you’re okay?” “Are you manic?”

But every time you ask one of those questions, and we are just having normal, every day emotions, it makes us feel like we can’t be honest with you. It makes us feel like even if we’re just having a bad day, we can’t tell you because you just attribute it to us being crazy.

We know you mean well, asking these questions. But to us, it feels really intrusive. I should be able to have emotions and not have them questioned. I shouldn’t have to hide how I feel out of fear of people overreacting to my emotions.

It’s no wonder a lot of us are ticking time bombs; we can’t show how we feel.

Please. Stop scrutinizing us. It hurts us when people think we can’t handle being happy or sad or mad.

Most of all, it makes us doubt ourselves. It makes us doubt that we even have normal emotions, even if we are fully medicated.

Let us feel. Please. We need to.



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(via screamingcrawfish)